Studio 2 Brief 1 – Breakdown

The first brief has started and I thought it would be a good idea to break it down so I could figure out what I want to create as end products more easily and fluidly. The goal, to take 5 images varying in type.

The types of images needed for this brief are 1 of each photographic type listed below.

  • product
  • portrait
  • conceptual
  • composited
  • own style and technique not previously shown

For this brief we were all given a household item to be our focal point for each image, the item I was given was lighting and lamps which I’m looking forward to creating as lighting and lamps can come in so many types of ways.

Starting with the top of the list, I figured I would go into more detail on all of the photographic types that is needed.


Product photography is a type of commercial photography. The characteristics of a product shot usually include a very clean background made up of a singular colour and a product usually placed in the middle of the image. Sometimes the products have props with them to make a product more appealing to the eye or to give a better picture of what the object is and how it is used. In short term, a product shot shows off a product attractively.

When googling examples of good product photography and these were the results that popped up.



Portrait shots is pretty explanatory. The subject is of a person or group of people. It is usually focused just on the face of the model but sometimes can capture more of the body than just the face and can also sometimes show an object and a decorative background. The main details of a portrait shot are focused on the expressions on the model’s face and the mood that the image as a whole gives off. The model doesn’t have to be looking at the camera even though that is probably one of the main types of portrait shots you would see on around.


I touched on conceptual photography earlier. The blog post on this is linked here: The pinterest board that I created on this subject is linked here: Conceptual photography has a type of hidden meaning or story behind it with the use of symbols. What is in the picture is can usually look quite unrealistic in some form or another. These types of images can sometimes be put together with the help of things like photoshop. When googling conceptual photography these were the results.



Composited is kind of like a digital photo collage. It’s made up of two or more images put together to essentially create a bigger picture. I googled composited photography and these were the results. You can see that the images are photoshopped and in some small ways it is similar to the conceptual photography.


Own Choice

I haven’t decided what I will do for this last photo but I’m thinking I might try macro photography for this image. As I haven’t fully decided on what photographic type I will use I decided to look more into different types of photography.

I found a post on Picture Correct written by Chris Haslego. The post was written in the November of 2009 but it still holds the information that I want. The post can be found here: I found another link that shows 30 types of photographic shots. The post is written in a comedic way and make ridicule of photographers as a group. It makes my research more interesting but it also means it is more a starting point in research as none of the types have a great explanation of what they are and it is assumed of the reader to know. I can understand the post but it is definitely required of me to research into each type to get a better grasp on the types and how I could personally go about trying to recreate any photographic type myself. The link for that post is here:




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